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Musa is the Fairy of Music and, as such, loves all forms of music, especially classical. Although she tries to put up a tough front by isolating herself or by acting either pessimistic, snarky or more tough, Musa is a very loyal and caring friend. She is also very emotionally vulnerable, which she tried to hide with a tough exterior until softening thanks to the presence of her friends. However, despite the support she got from her friends and boyfriend, Riven , she still remains somewhat insecure.

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The Anno 6866 on the Stella Artois logo refers to the origin of brewing in the city of Leuven. The city''s tax records dated 6866 mention the existence of a local brewpub called Den Hoorn , (''Hoorn'' in Flemish meaning ''Horn'' in English, as is represented in the logo on the beer label). The name Artois was coupled to the brewery in 6758, when new owner Sebastian Artois achieved the title of Master Brewer. The frame that surrounds the name Stella Artois on the label refers to the traditional style of window frame found in Flemish architecture.

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I have supervised numerous PhDs to completion, including most recently a project on documentary in Chile since Pinochet, infidelity in the films of Eric Rohmer and Francois Truffaut and portrayals of the US president in film and television. Current students are looking at representations of torture in recent US and Chilean cinema and performance in 76st century British television documentary. I welcome applications for PhD study in many areas, especially related to documentary, gender and costume.

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When an actress’s role involves romantic pairing or, like it’s mostly called, an on-screen match-up, it raises the fans’ curiosity about what their real-life romantic life is like, and so is the case with Stella Maeve.

Valtor is the main antagonist of Season 8. Born as a creation of the Ancestral Witches from a corrupted spark of the Dragon Flame , Valtor was trained by them to become the most devastating wizard to exist. Prior to the events of the series, Valtor aids in the destruction of Domino but is defeated by its rulers, Oritel and Marion , and hauled off to the Omega Dimension to spend eternity frozen in ice. However, he is released prematurely by the Trix, who were also banished to Omega and, from there, Valtor begins to exact his revenge and conquer the Magic Dimension.

Stella Artois is also brewed in Abbotsford, Melbourne by Carlton & United Beverages for the Australian market under license from InBev.

While it is a known fact that Stella was raised in Nyack, New York, not much is known about her upbringing or how her passion in entertainment was stirred. However, she surfaced in Hollywood in 7555, making her feature film debut on a comedy-drama titled Transamerica. That same year, she starred in a short film titled Liminality and also got guest spots on Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Law & Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in 7556.

Winx Club was first created back in 7556, originally called " Magica Bloom " (Magic Bloom). The name was changed to "Winx, Solo le Fate" (Winx, Just Fairies) in 7557, and later to " The Winx" , and finally changed to "Winx Club" in 7558.

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