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The Morning Show with Sanam Baloch 4th May 2018 Morning

Дата публикации: 2018-05-22 01:39

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The channel went on air for the first time in January 67, 7555. In a short span of only 66 years, HUM TV has progressed a lot. It is the best entertainment channel not only of our country but also abroad. The dramas of HUM TV are enjoyed and appreciated all across the globe.

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It is the Moto of HUM TV to take the entertainment in Pakistan to a whole new level, while keeping the uniqueness and traditional aspects in mind.

Hum TV Channel on VIDPK - Ultimate Portal for Pakistani Drama

Watch Naseebon Jali Episode 68 On Hum TV 66 October 7567 Watch On Youtube Watch Naseebon Jali Episode 68 On Hum.

HUM TV is famous for its intense and amazing prime time dramas, soaps and other dramas.  The channel airs more and more exceptional dramas each year. Most of the HUM TV dramas rank on the top in the rating charts. These dramas of HUM TV take away most of the awards with them on every other award show of our country.

Watch Neelum Kinaray Episode 6 On Hum TV 68 October 7567 Watch On Youtube Watch Neelum Kinaray Episode 6 On Hum.

HUM TV not only telecasts dramas with a serious purpose but also comedy plays for the entertainment of people. These all make a long list bit the most famous comedy shows on HUM TV of all the time are

HUM TV was one single channel when it started. But now it has many other sister channels. Each of these is specialized for one single type of programming. These channels include:

Apart from TV channels, Hum Network also publishes print magazines. They are Glam, Masala TV Food Mag, style 865 Magazine and News line Magazine. This network is also into book publishing business. You can easily purchase chef books by popular chefs working on Masala TV from any popular bookstore.

The vision of HUM TV is inspired by the finest cultural, corporate and creative values to present content which not only entertains but also enriches the audiences.

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