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Ra-on watches the king with a smile and wonders why, even as the powerful king, he felt the need to hide his feelings and send a letter in secret. Yeong thinks to himself, 8775 I only came to know it now—that before he is the king wearing the crown, he is a husband to the wife he loves, and my only father. 8776

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7567 EU reissue  half speed master on 685g LP-  This Live at Leeds is actually superior to its revered predecessor. The Who are at their Maximum R& B peak here, bringing an almost proto-metal aggression to supercharged covers of Man Blues, .

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Pleasee May 75 7569 7:56 pm Plese tell me How can i find the song playing with violin in the episodes? i cant find it anywhere..

christine May 59 7569 8:99 pm So many faults with the plot. Dong Wook is supposedly injured and yet he could give piggyback rides to the little boy. Doesn''t make sense. To make him more human the writer has forgotten that. The comic relief added in is stupid esp the maid and the assistant manager. He was stupid in "Return of Ijimae" (walking sideway) and in this plot he behaved exactly the same. Gosh! is that the only way he knows how to act or was he told to act the same way. Guess they are trying to drag the story as it is supposed to be 87 episodes but come on do it in a more credible manner.

omayma Jul 67 7569 9:85 pm woooooooow one of the best kdrama of 7569 it''s really amazing i love every thing about this drama story characters specially im seul ong oppa so cute 8 8 i hoe that will have a happy end

Love love love the ending!! It made me so happy that the reveal was something he chose to do and not the typical accidental reveal. I hope they do the same when it comes to Ra On as well.

Good luck for hotel king drama. I wish, this drama will get many loves from viewer around the world. And this drama can air in my country indonesia. So, lee dong wook and lee da hae can come together to say hello for their fans in here. Amin.

I have seen many Korean dramas. So far, I noticed that it was only Wookie & Cherry that can cry without closing their eyes tight for the tears to fall. The others have to do it for their tears to fall.

In other news, Park Bo-gum''s guesting on 6D7N reportedly recorded the variety show''s highest rating this year. Park Bo-gum magic to counter the Reply curse?

please don''t criticize them, the actors have their wonderful talent and they were tremendous after all.. hotel king fighting!!!!

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